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3.17.19  How to Make Your Own Luck

Everyone talks about the “Luck of the Irish…” Many of my clients talk about the role luck plays in the career transition process. They talk about "being at the right place at the right time." They think this is about being "lucky" or "unlucky…." I say "we make our own luck!" In the career’s industry, there is no such thing as "Dumb Luck." Although I would argue, there is "Smart Luck." And you can be smart enough to make your own. Here are 4 tips to help you do just that... 

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1.22.19  Top 10 Tips to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile - Part 2

So, you got a great start on rockin’ your LinkedIn profile in the previous blog.  Here are some more tips to continue to craft and polish. Keywords Count. Be sure to use all keywords you want to be associated with. These are the same ones you’ve targeted to sprinkle throughout your resume. Use them early (in your headline) and often... 

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1.17.19  Top 10 Tips to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile - Part 1

You’re familiar with LinkedIn. You may even have posted a profile. But if you’re like a lot of people, at best you copied your resume into the little spaces on the form. You may not even know there are some hidden spaces that you haven’t filled in. You may or may not have uploaded a picture, and said picture may or may not be appropriate. Need help? That’s what... 

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 1.03.19  When leveraging your Contacts, One must be FRANK!

By suggesting you “be FRANK,” I’m not saying to throw etiquette and politeness out the window. You will, of course, be respectful of others’ time and make it easy for them to help you. (I know you can be charming…) Instead, FRANK is an acronym I learned from Berri A. Wells, Career Activist, coach in the DC area, and a personal friend... 

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Myth vs Truth11.06.18  Questions to Ask in a Job Interview, Part 2 (Or How to Have your Cake and Eat it, too)

Last time we discussed some caveats around asking questions in a job interview, and we also covered questions related to your specific role. Today we’ll continue with the other categories, getting more “big picture” as we go. The Team You will obviously be curious about the folks you’ll be working with--either as peers or direct reports--since they can…

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Money Tree10.30.18  Top 10 Tips to Negotiate a Top Salary

You just received a job offer! Congratulations! You’ve probably also quickly discovered that your total compensation package can be fairly complicated. So, here are a few tips to help you along your negotiating way. Tip #1.  Whoever mentions money first, looses. Avoid any compensation discussions until the end of the process. Then you can be honest…

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 Myth vs Truth10.16.18  Questions to Ask in a Job Interview, Part 1 (Or How to Have your Cake and Eat it, too)

“Do you have any questions for me?” How many times have you heard that in an interview? Well, here’s the thing: if you wait until the end of the interview to ask your questions, you’ve missed the whole point. The interview meeting--just like the entire job search process--is meant to be a two-way street. You are learning as much about them as they are…

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 9Myth vs Truth.10.18  10 Common Myths and Facts about Resume Writing (Part 2)

In a recent post, we gave you the real scoop on 5 common resume myths. We thought you could use several more to craft your document into something that truly reflects your brand and your value proposition to potential employers. So here we go with myths 6-10… Myth #6: “A Chronological Resume is the proper way to format.” Truth: Rarely. According to resume...

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 Myth vs Truth8.27.18  10 Common Myths and Facts about Resume Writing (Part 1)

It seems everywhere you go, some well-meaning person has an opinion on your job search strategy. And no part of your career game is more riddled with myths and misinformation than that of crafting your resume. Don’t be bowled over by outdated or obsolete opinions. We’re here to help you separate the fact from the fiction.

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 Where You Should Work as a Student for Great Grad Jobs Later7.10.18  Where You Should Work as a Student for Great Grad Jobs Later

Take a quick scan of a variety of job descriptions on Monster or Indeed and you’re likely to discover that soft skills are in high demand. Where’s the best place to hone these needed skills while still in school and only able to work part time? A Retail Job.

What? A McJob?” You say? Yep. And they’re available all over your home town.

Whether you’re working at your local fast food restaurant, a specialty store, or that huge department store over at the mall, you will gain some killer marketable skills—all while being able to work around your school schedule, and possibly take advantage of an employee discount on clothing or food. (Yeah—you can have fries with that…)

But, for the long-term, let’s go back to that skills piece. Here are the top 3 skills that can be gained—and transferred to your subsequent jobs once you graduate:

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4.16.18  How to Hit Curveball Interview Questions Out of the Park

“If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?” Or how about, “What is your favorite song and can you perform it for me now?”

Actual interview questions, you ask?


They’ve been asked in real live interviews.

Once I got, “Sell this brick to me,” as the interviewer shoved a heavy clinker in front of my face.

Now, I know you. You’ve spent a lot of time preparing for the “Top 25 Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions” (or 50, or perhaps 100—you over-achiever, you…) You may have even written out your answers and edited them. Then, to make sure you didn’t sound too scripted, you conducted a mock interview with a friend or your friendly career coach.

But nothing can really prepare you for those strange questions that come out of nowhere. Or so you think…

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12.22.17  4 Ways to Jazz Up Your Cover Letter

Face it; if you’re falling asleep writing your cover letter, you’re going to put your reader to sleep as well. So have some fun with it!

Here are four tips to help you with that... 

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 10.17.17  No Degree? No Problem!

“I don’t have a college degree, so I’m going to have some difficulty getting a job.” A recent client started our first strategy session with this statement.

“What is your evidence?” I asked.

Dead Silence…

My client had a tough time responding because unless you’re looking for a career as a doctor, lawyer or a CPA, your degree often doesn’t matter.

If you are one of the many job seekers out there who believe you’re weak in the degree department, there are a few things you should know…

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9.12.17  Say No to the Job (Or Top 7 Red Flags Your Potential Employer May Be Waving)

Knowing these warning signs in my twenties, would’ve saved me a lot of grief in my early professional career! But--lucky for you-- they can help you say “No” to a job offer that is not a good fit...

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8.30.17  Tough Transition? Steer to Your Soft Skills

Many job seekers are navigating the rough waters of “tough transitions” in their careers paths: College students diving into their first “Adult” job, Military folks launching into the private sector and Parents returning to work. Whether you’re one of these Tough Transitioners—or a job changer struggling to line up your skills with the posted job description, Transferable Soft Skills are your ticket to your next job. Of course, no one is going to hire someone who cannot perform the essential functions of the job. However, these days candidates must go beyond those technical skills to rise above the rest of the crowd.

Luckily, no matter what industry—from High Tech to Healthcare—employers are looking for key soft skills in candidates. So, in your marketing materials and face-to-meetings be sure to sprinkle stories highlighting these Crucial 5 C’s…

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8.02.17  Does this Resume Make My Butt Look Old? (Or How to Age-Proof Your Resume in 3 Easy Steps)

You’re considering a new opportunity—good for you! So, you pull out the ol’ resume and think, “I just need to add my last job, and it’s ready to go, right?”

…Um…not so much…It probably needs a lot more work…first, you’ll need to age-proof that resume!

“Come on…” you may be thinking, “They can’t see my wrinkles on a resume!” Well, they sort of can…

Here are three items you’ll need to review, to ensure they don’t imagine the scent of Bengay wafting from your resume pages…

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