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What Clients Are Saying About GO! Career Coaching:

Sometimes the unexpected happens, that which you never really plan on. For the first time in my long entrepreneurial career, I was looking for a job, having been self-employed for most of my working life. I needed a resume that would attract potential employers, a LinkedIn page that would best reflect my skill set and coaching on interviewing. Marsha helped me map out the process necessary to prepare myself for the job search. She also encouraged me to stay on course and to believe that there were opportunities out there suited for me.

Marsha helped me see that I really had an excellent and marketable skill set and this afforded me the opportunity to think bigger and broader. The number of hits to my LinkedIn page jumped about 500%. Ultimately I nailed the interview with an organization that I really wanted to work with and was offered the job with a meaningful compensation package.” 

Kevin, Development Director 
Sacramento, CA 

I worked with Marsha during the recession. I’d been laid off from my job and had been looking for work for about five months. I was in education and pink slips were all too common, so the applicant pool was over-saturated. I needed a way to stand out. Marsha worked with me to help me revamp my image—specifically my resume and written materials. Her feedback was constructive and specific. She went back and forth with me on multiple drafts talking me through both content and format. It was just about a week after submitting my final version, that I not only got an interview but also got the job!  Thank you, Marsha, for your guidance, advice, and helping me stay in a field that I love.

Katherine, Education Specialist
Los Angeles, CA 

As a fresh college graduate, finding a job was certainly a daunting task. Even after finding places that I wanted to work, it was easy to get the feeling that my resume was sitting in a pile of a hundred others, and they all looked the same. I really felt limited by my knowledge of what a good resume is, and how to express who I actually was through a traditionally bland document. The level of detail that Marsha gave me was phenomenal. With her actionable feedback and coaching, I was able to craft a resume that showed my skills, my creativity, and ultimately got me noticed by a large number of HR and recruiters. I was called back from many recruiters who commented on the clarity and originality of my resume. And after only a couple months of using my new resume, I landed a killer job in San Francisco – my dream.

Brian, IT Product Manager
San Francisco, CA 

I was going through some life changes at home, so I desperately needed to move to the next level in my career—and the associated salary that afforded. As a Boomer, I was feeling vulnerable to the technical competitiveness that the younger generations were bringing to the table. Between the stress of the transitions on the home front, and the newly felt competition at work, my confidence was a bit shaky. I needed a shot in the arm with information I already knew, having worked in HR Project management and having been a recruiter in my past. 

Throughout the whole process, Marsha was in my court, rooting for me, helping me recognize my marketable skills and helping me remember who I really was. She stayed with me and helped me feel good about myself again. Her responsiveness helped me navigate tight timeframes to respond to opportunities and interviews, and tailor my marketing message to differing organizational needs. She helped to remind me how “the old Denise” would wow them in the interviews. Her excellent listening skills, whole-heartedness and ability to build trust were important things I appreciated.

Within a few months of beginning work with Marsha, I was able to “wow” in a key interview, selling them on my organizational skills and ability to just “do it.” I got the job and am loving the process of getting Denise back. I am growing now in a world of work that has a lot of potential for me, and on the personal front, I appreciate earning the salary once again that validates my worth and allows me the ability to support myself, with even a bit left over to celebrate things I've wanted to enjoy in my life.  My confidence is coming back, and with that I know the bigger prizes in life are also on their way.

Denise, Communications Coordinator 
Sacramento, CA 

As this was my first job out of college—with little work experience in the field—I needed my resume and cover letter to stand out from the rest. Marsha was very personable, professional and realistic and I found the entire process to be a collaborative and positive experience. Thanks to Marsha’s coaching I landed my first professional job shortly after my first interview.

Cal, Commercial Interior Designer
San Francisco, CA 

When I began working with Marsha, I was confused as to my next career direction. As a Boomer, I am planning to work for many more years, but needed a new career direction for my ‘next chapter.’ Marsha walked me through several assessment tools based on my specific needs and goals. She’s a great listener and offered a very personalized approach. With her encouragement, she helped me see common themes both in the tools and our deep discussions. I was able to find a career niche that will bring me challenge, excitement, and employment for many years to come.

Cathleen, Business Analyst
Sacramento, CA 

As a mid-career job changer, I was further challenged by moving from a family-owned business into the corporate world. Marsha helped me update my resume by coaching me to highlight my strengths and talents. She further helped me build my confidence by coaching me on my interviewing skills. Subsequently, I was offered several jobs due to my enhanced confidence, interview skills and a resume which focused on my strengths and accomplishments throughout my career.

Matthew, Store Director
Sacramento, CA 

I was starting a new job search for the first time in 7 years, and my resume was beyond outdated. I needed it to make me stand out from the crowd and get me an interview! I needed a lot of help ‘promoting’ myself and I didn’t have the words to do so. Marsha coached me to highlight my strengths and accomplishments in ways I would never have thought of on my own. Not only did that resume get me several key interviews, but the work we did documenting my skills and results, helped me to shine in the interviews as well!

Norinda, Project Manager
Seattle, WA 

When I approached Marsha, I had not interviewed in 13 years. I knew a lot had changed with interviewing techniques and strategies and I needed to be coached on these changes. She helped me greatly with interviewing techniques so that I was able to emphasize my experience and skills as it pertained to the job opening. She also coached me on what not to say in the interview—equally as valuable. After Marsha’s coaching, I felt confident and prepared and was able to relax and be myself (something else she had told me was important, as well.) Because of Marsha’s coaching, I nailed the interview and got hired!

Susan, Regional Sales Director 
San Francisco, CA 



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